How long is the show?
The duration of the show is approximately 40-45 minutes.


How much space do I need to accommodate the performance?
2m x 2m flat surface with ample space for children to sit in front of the theatre itself.

Do you perform outside?
Yes, a shady, level surface is required.

Do we need to provide anything?
Only a power supply is required and close, easily accessible parking.

What ages do your shows cater for?
Shows accommodate the younger toddlers of 2 - 4 years of age and older kids of ages 5 - 8 years as well.

Is there audience participation?
All the shows are interactive, certain shows (African Tale) include instruments to be played.

How do I pay?
On the day, cash or EFT

Do you travel far distances?
Yes, to wherever there is a keen audience!

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