These are fun stories with some slapstick which children absolutely love! It is very difficult to stay seated when some of these naughty characters are trying to trick you.

Cinderella, There Is A Mouse In The House!


Cinderella must work so hard, but her two litttle friends are always there to give her a helping hand. Aunt Betty does not like them at all and plans to get rid of them once and for all. Will she succeed?


Pinnochio Is Stolen!


Gepetto has just made a beautiful new puppet for Suzie. Mr. Foul Fellow and Blacky, the cat, are just waiting for their chance....Oh, what can you buy with a whole big bag of gold?


Croc's Sore Tooth


King Blackbeard is very upset! Who makes such an awful noise in the garden? A reward is offered for the brave one who can capture this creature that keeps everyone awake at night.


Stop It Billy, You Are A Bully!

Billy thinks he is so cool! "Not so", says the King and forbids Billy to come to the circus at the palace. Oepsie Kadoepsie has stolen the key for the big hall and now there will be no performance.


Prof. Brunklaus And His Amazing Robot ZED


Sammy is told to look after Prof. Brunklaus' latest invention ZED, the robot, under strict orders: Not to touch any of the buttons! But having to wait is soooo irritating! A great robotic adventure with lots of sounds effects can be seen in this show!


Woofles, My Doggie, You Are The Best!


Mr. Stupin, the policeman is trying to solve the case of the lost suitcase. All is very confusing, when it seems that all suspects seem to be wearing the same brown hat!


Punch and Judy


Who has not heard of the rascal  Mr. Punch and his lovely wife Judy? This classical puppet show, said first to have first appeared in 1662, has been enjoyed over time by many generations of children and adults alike.


The Strawberry Monster


Who wants to eat a cake with raisins? "Not me, they look like dead flies" says Peter. Strawberry cake taste so much better, but what to do if a big red monster gobbles up all the strawberries?


The Pirate And Princess Angela


Little princess Angela desperately wants to wear a little crown. Pirate Blackbeard, without a beard, does not believe she is real princess. Not with that kind of a hairdo and on top of that is she cheeky as well! An adventure from London to South Africa.


Kit Kat Is Missing!


Where is little Kit Kat? Has grumpy Mr. Stoppelores got anything to do with her disappearance? A great story for Valentine's day.


Jurassic Garden


When an upset Sam gets homework from the professor to explore his garden, what he finds is a little more than he bargained for! When he realizes that his garden holds creatures that are supposed to be extinct, his whole world turns upside down! Jurassic garden is the perfect story for boys - entertaining, fun and SCARY!




Baba Jo hates flies! The sit on his nose, fall in his tea, but worst of all they keep all the children away from the Zoo. He chases them away, whacks the pesky buzzers until one day a mysterious parcel arrives at the Zoo. Who will be brave enough to open it? Lion.....elephant...monkey?


An African Tale


Maletsepa and her father have a little garden where they grow some very fine vegetables.  One morning while watering the garden, the old father discovers that some of his vegetables have disappeared! All the animals of the jungle help to solve the mystery. African instruments are used in this show, where-by the children do the drumming.


Blast Off To The Moon


Prof. Wiggletoe is not impressed when he finds his 'about to be launched spaceship' is invaded by children and their noisy dog! Jessie and Sam have an amazing outer space adventure.

Peter Rabbit And His Friends


Where can you find the best carrots? In Mr. McGregor's garden of course! Bring your own carrot for a healthy snack and don't let Peter see them. He loves them too much.

Ugly Duckling


Mummy Duck has been sitting for weeks on her eggs. Rudy Rooster thinks that the eggs might be rotten. One by one all the white eggs crack open. But what about that big brown egg?




Educational Shows

Ideal for nursery schools whereby educational themes are presented in a fun way.


Once Upon A time There Lived Three Bears..

Brown bears, Polar bears, Pandas – where do they live?  Snuggy bear wants to tell a story - a bear story!  We go to a little house deep in the forest where once upon a time…

This show has an extraordinary set, a must for every school that likes something different.

Let's Get Cracking!


What is inside and egg? Snakes, turtles and other wondeful creatures are explored. What is wrong with that big brown egg? Rooster Rudy thinks it is definitely rotten. So our adventure on the farm begins.

Save The Cycads!

These wonderful tree ferns were here when dinosaurs roamed the earth. South Africa has 36 species and many are endangered. Tom is the proud owner of a very old specimen. His cycad may be up to 300 years old! Can this tree be saved from ugly Mr. Big Nose's greedy plan?

Meet Michael Recycle!

A wonderful show on conservation and litter.

Me, My Body, Me Myself

For Kyra's birthday Gran made her a beautiful doll. Rommel, the dog, thinks he also must have a turn to play with it and runs around in the garden with it - but trouble awaits.

The once beautiful doll is broken in pieces. Who will put it together again? This is a gentle story for the beginning of the year that looks at all the different part of the body/

That Is My Toy!


There is a war in the house! "You are not playing with my toys!" shouts little Booboo to her brother. "You stay away from my stuff!" grumbles Peter. Mummy has a very clever and funny plan. Soon the children see their folly and learn that a family that shares is a family that cares. This show really speaks to the children on their level.

Stranger, Danger!

A birthday party! How exciting!  The shopkeepers (children in the audience) sell Susan (puppet) everything that is needen for a splendid party. Her basket is so full and heavy...Do you talk to strangers? What do yo do when you are home alone?

Good Touching, Bad Touching

This show explores the very sensitive topic of personal safety in a friendly and light-hearted way.

I Want A Puppy!

Pets at home – dogs and cats. How to take care of your pet at  home whereby feeding, ticks, shelter, ID-tags, sterilization etc, are some of the issues covered with the most beautiful puppets

I Love Bugs!

What is an insect?  Creepy crawlies from beginning to end.  Together with Teddy we learn all about insects and experience the lifecycle of the butterfly. "Flutterby" says Teddy!

I Spy With My Little Eye..

Your eye is your window to the world. Let us explore and see how marvelous our eyes are and how to take good care of them and protect them.  We visit the circus Monte Carlo where Sugarboy (the boxer), Mr. Arm-Off (the lion tamer), Black Beard (the pirate) and Mr. Singh (the snake charmer) all experience great problems with their eyes!

Wash Your Hands!

Sipho loves books. Can we read our books with sticky hands. A truly South African story where we meet Sipho, Thabo – with his dreadlocks, Mr. Rasbandji (the shopkeeper) and even our beloved Mr. Mandela along the way.

An African Tale

Maletsepa and her father have a little garden where they grow some very fine vegetables.  One morning, while watering the garden, the old father discovers that some of his vegetables have disappeared!  All the animals of the jungle help to solve the mystery.  African instruments are used in this show, whereby the children do the drumming.

Peter Rabbit And His Friends

Peter loves carrots! Where can you find the best carrots? Mr. McGreggor’s garden of course! The little bunnies are so charming and a big delight to young and old!

Bragging And Boasting!

Wolf thinks he is the biggest, strongest and the meanest animal in the forest, he can’t stop bragging about it!  He is taught a lesson when he tries his luck with Mucky Moose – the smelliest moose in the swamp. Not only do we learn from Wolf but the children are also introduced to wild animals from a different continent

Under The Sea ( A Very Fishy Tale)

Al, the deep sea fish, is very lonely and hopes to find a friend.  Nobody wants to come near him because he is so ugly!  Will Mona Lisa, the pretty moonfish, change her heart and help him?  In the second story we travel to Stilbaai – life on the beach is very different from deep under the sea!

The Four Seasons

Spring has arrived in Blue Hill Valley. Boo has just awoken form his winter sleep. Together Blossem (his little rabbit friend) and Boo go on many adventures through all the four seasons.


This  show is peformed on a 'turn around' theater and is very different.


The Farmer In His Dell


We learn about oom Stofferl who needs a wife. That's not all though. A wife leads to a baby. A baby leads to a nurse...and so follows the The Farmer and his Dell, the classic nursery rhyme; a short sing-along that not only incites participation, but also reinforces and joins an old morality, the goodness of people and plain old fun.


The Lion And The Lamb


Mr. Mabazo's lamb is stolen by an arrogant lion. The now farm turned game reserve is under threat if the lamb is not returned. A righteous story develops, but most importantly a story that will have children laughing and singing along and feeling the true enjoyment of interactive puppetry.






Biblical and Religious Shows

These shows cater for the Christian and Jewish communities and are very popular.

   Queen Ester / Purim

   Exodus /  Pesach

   The ten commandments / Shavaot
    Rosh Hashanah



    Bethlehem Star


Paper Theatre

Suitable for 5 - 100 years old

This is an old, traditional form of theatre first started in Europe in the early 1880’s.  Well known people like Churchill spent many happy hours as a child with his Toy Theatre.  This is a unique form of theatre, very different and refreshing.



How The Zebra Got It's Stripes

All the animals are the same colour, dull and grey.  All of a sudden someone discovers a secret cave that contains the most beautiful coloured furs, skins and feathers.  All the animals rush to get their colours but poor old zebra is a bit late!

The Bride And The Mbulu

Jojo has just come back from KwaZulu-Natal and the children are so exited to see him because Jojo is the best storyteller in town.  This time he tells the wonderful story of a beautiful bride, Njali, and her prince, Magesi, and how the ugly Mbulu tricked them.


Child Of Wax /  Ingwenya Ne Mfene

Phiti,Phiti,  an albino girl, is the village outcast and is told  to stay in her hut and never to come out in daytime ever. Does a heroic deed of saving the chief's son from a hungry cannibal win her the villagers acceptance?

In the second story we meet monkey who is eating the most delicious mango's. Crocodile is swimming nearer and nearer ....Crocodiles don't eat mango's ...or do they?

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